Hermann Henger was born in Stuttgart the 31st of March 1935. After having finished his career in the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart with Prof. Böhme as his mentor, he studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Basilea. Exhibitions followed in various national and international galleries. The following 30 years he was working in fashion, mainly in charge of sales and design. His designs were marketed worldwide.


Since the year 2000, Hermann Henger dedicated himself again intensely to painting. His style is rich in variety and strongly orientated to illustrate Expressionism. The materials he uses are besides oil and acrylic painting also nets, canvas, sand, shells, palm bark or other natural fragments. The paintings reflect a certain vitality and energy, with the main aspect on the harmony of colours. The artist exhibits his work with transparency, inspiring the observer's fantasy.

As well for wall paintings, he also creates art in form of folded paintings, placed on the floor in gardens, on terraces or in corners - frankly open air art. The artist's work is so varied, from abstract to portraits and illustrations, that it is difficult for any art gallery director to accept this non-committed style. He is capable of painting to order and loves to talk to his clients, to become familiar with their environment and interior designs to advise them about colours and motifs.


According to the artist's motto: Negativism achieves nothing.


Hermann Henger in own affair:
Already 35 years ago I got infected by the "Marbella virus". The climate, the vegetation, but especially the light and the cultural variety of Andalusia captivated me. I hardly know any other place so multi-cultural. Life here is wonderful. I ignore the negative aspects, because what place is perfect? I live according to my motto: Negativism thinking does not move anything. Marbella will find its way.